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A Loss to Legacy Presentation

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Loss is universal. Amid cultural models of going it alone, stiff upper lip and all, Lily firmly stands for the power of talking about loss. She suggests that sharing stories is a healing medicine as well as a balm to the soul.

This presentation explores how to build meaning, purpose and a living legacy from our relationship with death or loss. It will include a method for honoring and growing from sorrow. Whether you are mourning the death of someone you love, lamenting planetary and cultural upheaval, or mourning the shifting identity that accompanies aging, Lily offers a path for navigating the journey.

I realized that this work goes beyond my own personal grief;

it’s about cultural change.

~J. Dolmatch

You are a magical storyteller.

Each time I glean something new and precious.

Your voice opens windows to my soul.

~M. Farnsworth

Befriending Death, Loss & Uncertainty

An Online-Video Loss to Legacy Presentation in a Time of COVID-19

Offered to the Unitarian Universalist Congregation

of Grants Pass, Oregon

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