Compassionate Community Project

We are a proud partner and co-founder of this project, advocating for a death-literate community that lives well, dies well, and grieves well. Along with our partners, Mary Ann Perry and Laurel Miller we envision individuals learning and serving together through the experiences of aging, illness, death, and bereavement.


The Compassionate Community Summary:

Death, dying, illness, or loss can visit any of us, at any time, and a Compassionate Community is one that recognizes and addresses this fact.

We advocate for this kind of compassionate community, one that is more than a place to work and access services, but also a place to enjoy the support, safety and comfort of each other’s company to the very end of our days.

With a collaborative approach designed to enlist all sectors of our community, we intend to build a system in which all of us are able to both give and receive through supportive networks on the entire journey of life and death.


Who Is the Compassionate Community?

Our intention is to engage our whole community to think about how to address the layers of personal and inter-personal care needed for people who are ill or dying—going far beyond what hospitals and hospice can provide.

We believe that caring for one another at times of health crises or personal loss is everyone’s responsibility...and we want to live in a world where every person, every family and every community knows what to do when someone is ill, dying or grieving.

We commit to building the possibility that all of us are members of a Compassionate Community, where everyone contributes to caring for others and all of us are cared for.

our vision of a Compassionate Community Here in the Rogue Valley includes:

A Network Hub(Offering education, resources, and providing a platform for community participation and agency collaboration); A Caring Neighbors Program (individuals-in-service to others); and Companion Training (community-wide groups being present and in service to those around them).


The Compassionate Community Purpose:

To strengthen the community's capacity to respond to aging, illness, death, and bereavement.

To reduce the negative impacts of loneliness and social isolation and mitigate medical costs incurred during the final years and months of life.

To enhance our community’s capacity to create and sustain supportive social networks around living well, dying well, and grieving well.

The Compassionate Community Objective:

Create a collective, community approach to end of life, through resource development, community training, and agency collaboration which amplifies existing services, empowers everyday citizens to action, and transforms the end of life experience for individuals and their loved ones.