May the spirit of these beloveds, who have been memorialized with a donation,

live on in the hearts and memories of all who still cherish their names.

Arlene Cohn

Cynthia Kopp

Meredith Rousseau

John Paul Bridell, Jr.

Ken Becker

Spirit of Resh Foundation

Enhancing Life by Embracing Death

We use story to build recognition that our relationship with death influences how we choose to live.

Stories about grief, loss and death are great equalizers.

They connect us with one another regardless of heritage, ethnic background, life circumstances

or political affiliations and help us remember that we are not alone.

Your donations help us elicit stories that connect hearts,

help people find meaning in mourning and pave a path for turning the pain of loss

into legacies that make a difference.


We invite you to honor a beloved with your donation.

Simply add their name to the Write a Note field on the donation form.

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