Loss To Legacy

The upcoming book, Loss to Legacy: A stepping-stone journey of healing and transformation is underway. We are aiming for publication in 2019 and we'll let you know when it is available for purchase! The book combines personal stories with a step-by-step workbook—a path for conscious mourning. Using the symbolic Greek myth of two goddesses, Persephone and Demeter, as a guidepost, author Lily Myers Kaplan maps the territory of a descent into grief and a re-emergence into new life.

As Goddess of the Grain, Demeter’s grief, when her maiden-daughter is abducted into the underworld, is so all consuming she withdraws completely. Winter falls upon the land. As Demeter slowly finds her way to healing, Persephone, while hidden from sight in the underworld, matures from Maiden to Queen. With newfound wisdom Persephone emerges, Demeter celebrates, and Spring burgeons upon the earth. Thus the two Goddesses become keepers of Earth-cycles and and teachers of the Mysteries of life, death, and rebirth. They are guides to the arduous task of healing and transformation.

Woven throughout Loss to Legacy are are tales of transformation—Lily’s, and those of others—the many clients and students of Resh’s Loss to Legacy courses and Story Circles.

Loss to Legacy Story Circles are offered locally and nationally wherever people want to transform loss to legacy.

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