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Passing the Torch was aired for a year on KSKQ, a local Ashland, Oregon radio show.


In these recordings, Resh director, Lily Myers Kaplan, talks with community members

who have walked a path from loss to legacy.


These potent conversations are stories that offer inspiration, hope, and connection.

Carrying on with purposeJulia Pinsky
00:00 / 28:34
Indigenous wisdom for healthy grievingVictoria Markham
00:00 / 27:00
The paradox of sorrow and wonderLucinda Moeglein
00:00 / 27:04
Healing when life gives you what you most fearMegan Farnsworth
00:00 / 28:40
Living for the sake of Life, itselfShoshana Alexander
00:00 / 28:27
Seeing death in a different lightJennifer Mathews
00:00 / 26:46
The healing power of talking about deathJudy Dolmatch and Eric Grace
00:00 / 26:26
A compassionate communityMary Ann Perry
00:00 / 26:50
Exploring the mystery of "this thing called death"Laurel Miller
00:00 / 24:57
Finding joy from a broken open heartRobyn DeLong
00:00 / 28:14
Contemplating impermanenceJack Shipley
00:00 / 27:25
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