Our service fees are based on a sliding scale.

No-one is turned away for lack of funds.

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Sharing stories, and being witnessed by an esteemed other in a safe and accepting container is a powerful gateway to healing. In sessions with those facing death or grieving loss we make space for powerful emotions, embracing whatever feelings for concerns emerge. All feelings, sorrow, fear, anger, grief, anxiety, relief, and even joy are supported. We allow unfinished sentiments or un-resolved reactions to arise in seeking inner peace.


We share our award-winning workbook, Loss to Legacy: A Stepping Stone Path to Healing and Transformation, when appropriate. Legacy projects such as letters, video messages, art projects, scrapbooks or writing or imagery journal entries are invited. 


Meaning-making within the dying or grieving process is enhanced by inviting and deepening inquiry about the nature of existence. We discuss beliefs about death and what comes after and explore memories or experiences that may help coming to terms with this next phase of life. All questions that emerge surrounding spirituality, religion, or atheism are welcomed.

The Services We Offer Are:


We counsel people through all forms of loss in a safe and empathic container.


We actively companion individuals or families

through anticipatory grief, offering guidance for creating

meaningful ceremonies to carry out, both before and after the death.


We guide Death Doulas who are beginning their practice,

providing support around practice-development, defining their approach,

and guidance while they are serving their first clients.


Death Preparation

We support people of any age to prepare for their own deaths,

creating end-of-life plans, guiding clients toward professionals who 

help with healthcare directives, wills,

and support the preparation of logistical documents

for the ease of those left behind.


End-of-Life-Doula Services

We are available to support the whole family as a death approaches,

helping the family be fully present with their dying loved one

as well as with the whole experience of pending death.

We offer support in creating a peaceful environment, relieving the burden on exhausted caregivers, and offering emotional support as needed.

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From honoring Ancestors to living fully and celebrating the accumulated wisdom, values, humor, ethics and beliefs of every human being, we create opportunities to share story and reflect on life's most potent questions. Because we believe in the power of  inner work and ritual to heal the soul we offer these other opportunities for retreat and renewal.

Individual retreats  are offered by our founder, Lily Myers Kaplan,

on her spectacular property called

The Sanctuary at Rainbow Ridge.


​Our online Contemplative Series is a meditative exploration of

the Spirit of Resh Foundation operating principles.

These meditations, created in response to the Covid-19 pandemic,

offer an opportunity for delving into what matters most.