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Lily Myers Kaplan, Resh founder and director, 'talks-story' in these videos.

She reads personal stories from Two Rare Birds: A Legacy of Love, in two vignettes: Dancing with Death describes the courage and beauty in the moment her father accepted his impending death. Tribe of Ancestors is a testament to stories of Ancestors being at the core of who we are.


In The Poetry of Predicament Lily talks with Dean Spillane Walker about what her award-winning book, Loss to Legacy, and its stepping stone path offers to the immense losses during the coronavirus pandemic.


In Transforming Loneliness Lily talks with Laura Parker about how our relationship

with death influences our lives, including our ability to connect with ourselves and others.

We hope you find these stories enriching...

Tribe of Ancestors, A reading from Two Rare Birds, A Legacy of Love

The Poetry of Predicament, A conversation

about the Loss to Legacy path.

Dancing with Death, a reading from Two Rare Birds: A Legacy of Love

Transforming Loneliness, A summit

with Laura Parker

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