Since ancient times people have gathered around a central hearth to listen as stories are told, revealing where we come from and how we are bound to one another. Every culture or community and every family or group of friends has its unique stories, told over and over with laughter and tears. These stories form the very foundation of our being, helping us discover, ever more deeply who we are.

At Resh we experience, time and time again, the power of storytelling to heal. The audio stories found in Passing the Torch: Stories of Wisdom and Legacy and the videos of Lily reading stories from Two Rare Birds: A Legacy of Love honor ancestors and reveal a path to transforming loss into legacy. We invite you to listen and watch some of our favorites, below..

Passing the Torch: Stories of Wisdom & Legacy

Passing the Torch airs monthly on KSKQ, Ashland, Oregon's community run radio. These stories come in the form of conversations that offer inspiration for building a relationship with death that informs life. Tune in on the first Friday of every month at 89.5 in Ashland or 91.4 in Medford on the FM dial. If you aren’t local you can STREAM HERE.

Storytelling Videos

In the following videos of Lily reading from Two Rare Birds: A Legacy of Love, an interview on the Transforming Loneliness Summit, and radio interviews, Lily Myers Kaplan offer stories that touch the heart, break taboos around discussing death and dying, and show how living fully springs from encounters with death.

Dancing with Death: A story of choosing hospice over "living just to stay alive"...

Tribe of Ancestors: A story of honoring an ancestral lineage

Stories in the Media

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