The Book Of Life & Legacy: Honoring The Ancestors

Since ancient times people have gathered around a central hearth to listen as stories are told, revealing where we come from and how we are bound to one another. Every culture or community and every family or group of friends has its unique stories, told over and over with laughter and tears. These stories form the very foundation of our being, helping us discover, ever more deeply who we are.

Dedicated to stories of loved ones, The Books of Life and Legacy are virtual memorials filled with stories and images that honor ancestors of all shapes, sizes, cultures and histories, connecting us in a shared experience of love and loss. They remind us that by every choice we make, and every action we take, we are passing on what matters to us, thus creating our own story and our own legacy every day of our lives. May each story help you to remember the oneness that underlies our shared humanity. We invite you to open the book as if gathered around a virtual hearth.


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