The Tree Of Living & Dying: Gatherings For Sacred Story

These are ceremonial evenings exploring the powerful relationships between life, death and beyond. Authors read from published works and works in progress, which are then woven into a shared experience of embodied story. Participants have a chance to speak stories, too, and to feed the mystery by placing on an altar the names of ancestors and photos or mementos to honor loved ones who have died.

All who are contemplating what it means to be born, live a life, and die into the mystery of whatever lies beyond will find a space where inquiry, story, and witnessing lead toward a deepened acceptance of death as part of life. Loss, grief, wonder, questioning, or all-out confusion are welcome entry points for joining the gathering.

Tree of Living & Dying Gatherings are designed to Honor The Ancestors and are held each fall in Ashland, Oregon.

Call to schedule a Tree of Living & Dying Gathering for your community.

510.390.1098 or 541.708.1383

The next Tree of Living & Dying Ceremony will be held on November 1, 2018.

Details to come...