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Two Rare Birds is a story of love, loss, redemption, and purpose. It serves as a beacon of hope for grievers everywhere, as it takes readers on a journey of discovering how much inner strength and peace can be found while facing difficulty and death.

Written by Resh founder, Lily Myers Kaplan, Two Rare Birds is a memoir of a drop-to-her-knees sorrow, that led her on a wandering path to a re-inspired life mission. An entirely thoughtful and profoundly honest story, Two Rare Birds tracks Lily through her long tunnel of grief. With a listening heart she examines her ancestral heritage, giving meaning to the joys and struggles she faced with her sister over the years. As their fates unfold, Lily finds renewed faith in something larger than this physical world.

Follow Lily's path in Two Rare Birds as she discovers the profound power of love, the beauty in accepting death, and the courage to say yes to a new life-calling. Be inspired to answer your own call.

Two Rare Birds may be purchased at Indie Bound, Better World Books or Amazon.

Praise for Two Rare Birds:

Lily Myers Kaplan's memoir, written with an unsentimental devotion to truth, is a guide through the underworld of loss and into the chamber of renewal. It is a testament to love and an enduring statement of fidelity to what matters most in life. By leading us through the great hall of sorrows Lily enables us to find the courage to discover who we really are, where we belong, and what is sacred. This book is a lantern in the dark. Read it and find heart.

                              ~Francis Weller; Author of The Wild Edge of Sorrow & Rituals of Renewal

Two Rare Birds is an enchanting story of love, grief and wisdom that deeply moves the heart in unexpected ways. The spirtual transformation that is potential in the journey with cancer and the encounter with death is illuminated in these pages. Let Lily Myers Kaplan's words inspire you to realize the compassion that you are.

                               ~Dale Borglum; Executive Director of The Living/Dying Project

"...a refreshingly honest examination of death and of our culture's treatment of it...when the memoir narrows its focus to the interwoven forces of love and death, it offers readers a powerfully hopeful perspective."

                                 ~Kirkus Reviews

I found Two Rare Birds profoundly personal, compelling and inspirational. As the characters grappled with their dark nights, I came face to face with my own soul and found an expanded and deepened understanding of my mortality. Rich in imagery, Two Rare Birds speaks a universal language, making it accessible and relevant to all.

                             ~Julie Adams Church, Author of Uncommon Friends: Celebrating the Human-Animal Bond


Two Rare Birds, a story encompassing cancer, complicated relationships, childhood wounds, and the transformational journey of many-a-courageous seeker. It is heartbreaking and uplifting … an inspiring story of love and hope. It is a slam dunk for those with Pema Chodron on their night tables and is equally intriguing for those whose book collection is topped by Cheryl Strayed or Steven King.

                           ~Marcy Baskin, Author of Assisted Living: Questions I Wish I Had Asked and Founder of Elder Roads


In today’s world, too often flooded with cynicism and unrest, Lily Myers Kaplan’s Two Rare Birds – A Legacy of Love offers an important source to heal your troubled soul.  Each pate of delicious and lyrical prose is a generous gift as you ponder life’s deepest questions. A timely and important book.

                           ~Jim Conlon, Author of ten books, including: At the Edge of Our Longing: Unspoken Hunger for Sacredness and Depth and Beauty,Wonder and Belonging: A Book of Hours for the Monastery of the Cosmos

Director of: Holy Names University/Sophia Center

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