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Lily's career has focused on guiding people to build meaning and purpose from the most challenging of life circumstances. With thirty years in private practice, Lily draws from studies in mythology, archetypal psychology, and her experiences as a program director of a modern day mystery-school and hospice volunteer manager. As an ordained non-denominational minister, with a Master's degree in Culture & Spirituality, Lily says that the greatest work of all is the privilege of sharing stories with the people whose paths intersect with hers. Using story as a force for healing in her southern Oregon community is Lily's passion. Serving Spirit of Resh Foundation and providing one-on-one transformational grief retreats at her twenty-acre Sanctuary at Rainbow Ridge is Lily’s way of honoring Ancestors, sharing wisdom gained through hardship, and helping others find beauty in the midst of their losses.

Founder & Executive Director

Lily Myers Kaplan


For Sally, the Spirit of Resh Foundation is a living memorial to the legacy of love left by Lois and Dave. She was both distraught and inspired by Lois and Dave’s extended cancer journey and untimely deaths. Fueled by the two emotions, she imagined a world where renewed life purpose could spring from honoring death. Her knowledge as a long-time educator combined with her non-profit board experience led to co-founding Spirit of Resh with Lily. From the beginning Sally cheered from the background as the emerging Foundation took shape. Now, retired from her multi-faceted career in higher education, she continues to be a creative champion of Resh and is proud to serve as the Board Chair.

Founder & Board Chair

Sally Long


It is a deep privilege to serve as Treasurer of Spirit of Resh Foundation. Through my service, I know that I am supporting others as they walk the path of grief and begin to translate their loss into legacy. I know firsthand the value that our programs bring to those in the midst of grief, having experienced losses of close friends and family. I’ve worked in the financial industry for nearly 25 years, and bringing my business skills, as a source of fiscal support to the Spirit of Resh Foundation is a pleasure. Our values, in particular, honesty, love and respect, are core beliefs for me and I am honored to be part of the work that is Resh.

Board Secretary & Treasurer

Marnie Olena


Megan is an Associate Professor of Special Education at Southern Oregon University, and a holistic educator who uses story and breath to explore the human condition. Her son, Keita, died in 2012 from complications due to Bipolar Disorder. This loss has deeply affected her personal and public identities, leading Megan into research on how grief affects teaching and learning. With a PhD in Multicultural Special Education, Megan's seventeen years of teaching in private and public schools is a solid foundation to her emerging emphasis on using story for re-writing grief-stories. Megan says that the Spirit of Resh Foundation's premise of trusting in the connection between that which is seen and unseen underlies the magic of story to help transform fear into love. Creatively exploring her son's death has led Megan to find healing along her own mourning journey.


Megan Farnsworth

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Mary Ann loves living in and being of service to the Rogue Valley community. With a background in education, youth mentoring, and facilitation, she brings a grounded, calming presence that helps others feel safe and supported. In service as a Certified Home Funeral Guide, hospice respite volunteer, and Spirit of Resh board member, Mary Ann is passionate about the cultural shift that is happening around living and dying. She envisions a community where we all know what to do for each other around death and dying, and says, "I am honored to be part of creating that in the Rogue Valley." As often as possible, you will find this woman out exploring wilderness areas with her husband David and their pooch Cody.


Mary Ann Perry

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Elizabeth’s profound confrontation with loss opened genuine curiosity around the metamorphic power of death and sorrow in individual lives. Her Master's degree in Community Planning and Not-for-Profit Management has taken her around the globe. Spending extended time in India, Guatemala and the South American continent, awakened her fascination in the cultural and social contexts which shape understanding of the mysteries of life and death. She’s passionate about integrating death literacy initiatives in local communities and encouraging honest dialogue around the complexities of the dying process. Elizabeth draws upon the experience of managing Global Learning Service programs in facilitating those conversations. She currently lives in Bend, OR with her partner, David, and their dog, Pai.

Bend Representative

Elizabeth Johnson




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