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Tending the Grieving Heart

Living in a World of Endings.jpg

Other ecological bodies are just waiting for us to open up and realize that we are more than just human-centered, we are in this deep community.

–Magnitude of all Things


When a beloved dies, we grieve. We do the hard work of mourning, learning to live without their physical presence and somehow growing through the devastation. As hard as this is in a culture where death and grief are easily swept under the rug, it’s even more complex when the losses are happening in the very air we breathe and to the ground beneath our feet. Day by day we are witnesses to the decline of our sacred and beloved earth. How do we meet this larger than human grief?


As Sunita Puri, MD, says in her OpEd in the NYT’s, "The prelude to compassion is the willingness to see." In this retreat, we’ll practice the emotional labor of seeing the truth. We’ll companion one another through our despair and love as we weave in the powerful teachings of archetypal wisdom. These experiences, combined with journaling, inner reflection, and listening to the wisdom of nature, will offer a balm to ease our suffering and seed us into our unique inner call to right action.

May 7, 2022

9am-12:30 pm (Pacific Time)

Offered online

Sponsored by Stillpoint Retreat Center, Bellingham, WA



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